Utrecht will be the first city in the Netherlands to access VodafoneZiggo’s new superfast fixed Gigabit network from 2020.

The news was revealed by CEO Jeroen Hoencamp during the opening of VodafoneZiggo’s brand new headquarters, which was accompanied by a spectacular light show and a short performance by the Utrecht DJ, Fedde Le Grand, under the roof of the Stationsplein.

VodafoneZiggo will offer residents access to Gigabit speeds via the existing cable network, using Docsis 3.1 technology – ensuring high-speed internet, a more stable connection and better security. The business community, government institutions and healthcare institutions will also benefit, giving doctors, for example, the ability to hold consultations with patients who are ill at home via virtual reality.

In recent years, internet use among households has grown by 40 to 50% every year – and is expected to continue to grow exponentially in the years to come, requiring more and more network capacity. The new network will soon reach Internet speeds of 5 Gigabit per second for download and 1 Gigabit per second for uploading – replacing current speeds of speeds of between 150 and 200 Megabits per second.

Jeroen Hoencamp said: “VodafoneZiggo wants to offer a ‘network of the future’ from 2020, in which mobile and fixed connections are closer together: films, videos, music and photos can be downloaded, uploaded and streamed in record time; five times faster than now, offering unprecedented new opportunities, starting with Gigabit in Utrecht and following the rest of the Netherlands. ”

Jan van Zanen, the mayor of Utrecht, added: “With the arrival of VodafoneZiggo and the construction of this network of the future, we can further develop the innovation of our digital infrastructure and create new opportunities through collaboration to take steps together in the field of smart digital security solutions on the street or to speed up and improve the contact between doctor and patient, and of course we are proud that such a prominent company chooses to establish its central office in the most beautiful city in the Netherlands.

‘Connections’ light show

The ‘Connections’ light show symbolizes VodafoneZiggo’s network of the future and the ambition to make Utrecht the first city that is connected to the Gigabit network and thus the fastest city in the Netherlands.

The show was premiered during the opening ceremony, accompanied by specially-composed music by the DJ Fedde Le Grand, who was born and raised in Utrecht. The light show was developed by the creative team behind the Sensation Rise show. Until 27 November, the light show will be shown three times per hour between 18:00 – 23:00 on the Stationsplein in Utrecht.


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Photograph by Nico Alsemgeest