Our gigabit broadband networks are the highways of the modern age –already as vital as electricity and water, but now also enabling applications that will transform our lives beyond recognition. Gigabit speeds are now available to over 20 million homes in Liberty Global’s footprint across Europe.

Find out how gigabit broadband is set to revolutionize entertainment, education and learning in this series of short films by our partners at CableLabs. To learn more about the technologies in The Near Future, visit CableLabs.com/nearfuture

Powered by the latest DOCSIS® technology – which means we can continually ramp up speeds without having to dig up streets to replace millions of miles of wiring – they will unlock the giga-apps of tomorrow, such as virtual patient monitoring, holographic teleconferencing, smart cities and virtual learning.

How cable works

And the fun doesn’t stop when our networks reach your house. Our cutting-edge “Gigabit Connect Box” router brings 50 per cent more data through the same pipe, intelligently managing connections to your devices for faster broadband and WiFi – all our own technology, which we control from start to finish. Combined with “Intelligent WiFi” which adapts to the number of people and devices online around your home, WiFi Boosters and our Connect app, you’ll be able to get the fastest WiFi throughout your home.

Gigabit connect box

Millions of our customers across Europe already have access to download speeds of at least 1 gigabit per second, thanks to our rollout of ‘GIGACities’ in Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, The Netherlands and the UK.

The next few years will see us delivering both download and upload speeds 10 times faster than offered today, and 100 times faster than what most consumers currently experience, on our new 10G – or 10 gigabits per second – platform

The Path to 10G