Throughout our business, we are committed to sustainable operations and practices, as well as to transparency, ethics and compliance throughout our ESG priorities and progress. We are committed to Human Rights  and adhere to international standards that protect them.

It is our ambition to formally align our supply chain with our environmental targets and global priorities involving human rights and ethics.


We publish an annual Corporate Responsibility report, and participate in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessments, CDP and B4SI ratings to remain transparent in all that we do. We also engage with our investors and key stakeholders regarding our ESG performance.

Recognition & Partnerships


We recognize the value of our partnerships in playing a pivotal role in the advancement of our ESG goals. They help us foster collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and collective action towards sustainable and responsible business practices.


Our priorities are determined by the most significant sustainability impacts of our business as they affect our people, stakeholders and communities.

Our governance structures and human rights, ethics, and labour management processes and practices support us in our high ethical and compliance standards, both within our company and across our value chain.

In 2022, we performed a new materiality assessment to ensure that our strategy remains aligned with the current concerns and focus of our business leaders and stakeholders.

We believe that the highest standards of corporate governance are essential to our business integrity and performance.

Our ESG strategy, risks and initiatives are governed by an executive-led People Planet Progress Council, DE&I Council, and board-led People Planet Progress Committee, while our ESG reporting is governed by the company’s Audit Committee.

Through these governing bodies and committees, we maintain strong governance, strategic alignment, and robust risk management in our ESG strategy and initiatives. This enables us to drive positive change, promote sustainability, and make a meaningful social impact.