The exercise was completed in cooperation with one of our specialized sustainability consultants and involved a series of workshops, interviews, and panel discussions with a diverse range of stakeholders. These interviews included customers, suppliers, investors, employees, leadership, industry associations, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

In addition, each of our Executive Leadership Team members and a member of our Board of Directors with extensive ESG experience were all personally interviewed. The double materiality study also considered many different sources of guidance from regulatory institutions, ESG benchmarks and ratings, sustainability reporting standards, industry peers, and relevant market ESG trend reports.

Our Materiality Matrix

Importance to Stakeholders

Relevance of the material issues to Liberty Global’s stakeholders: customers, employees, investors, local communities, public organizations, research partners and suppliers. Represented on the Y-axis.

Inside-out Impact

Estimated magnitude of Liberty Global’s economic, environmental,and/or social impacts as a business, considering the related risks and opportunities. Represented on the X-axis.

Outside-in Impact

Estimated magnitude of economic, environmental, and/or social impacts on Liberty Global’s business, considering the related risks and opportunities. Represented by the bubble sizes.

As a result of this exercise, we identified three core strategic priorities, all lining up to our strategy: Climate Change, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Social Impact & Engagement.