Our broadband networks serve over 31 million homes in six markets, all of which will reach 10 gigabit speeds over the next few years, either through upgrades to fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) or by using a combination of FTTH, DOCSIS and hybrid-fibre, based on the geography and infrastructure in each area. 

Mobile now makes up around half of our core business. We’re rolling out 5G across our footprint, not only providing faster connectivity but also fuelling a transformational digital future that will bring brand new experiences to customers and businesses.

Mobile innovation

Leveraging our networks

We’re combining our 5G networks with AI, cloud and edge computing technology to supercharge what we can offer our customers, particularly in the B2B space. These offerings have the power to transform enterprises across all industry sectors, driving innovation and growth.

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Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Cutting-edge AI technology is transforming our business – from improving customer service to optimizing network efficiency and shaping our best-in-class products and services. We’re also investing in the evolving AI landscape by upskilling our workforce and ensuring we stay ahead of the curve in next-generation technology.

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