Liberty Global’s companies collectively provide over 85 million fixed and mobile connections across six European markets while simultaneously rolling out the next generation of products and services.

Through AI, we’re developing a more intuitive and intelligent approach to network operations and enhanced customer experience, transforming our business – from our call centres to our connectivity product offerings.

'Wired for AI' report

A new study reveals that telecommunications companies will play an integral role in enabling over seven out of ten jobs augmented by AI across US, EU, UK and Switzerland. Commissioned by EY and Liberty Global, the report titled ‘Wired for AI’ analyses the transformative impact of AI and telecoms’ responsibility in propagating its social and economic benefits.

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Personalized customer service

In customer service, AI-powered chatbots are helping our brands’ call centres tackle consumer enquiries more efficiently and effectively, drilling down through usage data, call transcripts and customer feedback to help call handlers provide more personalized responses and recommendations.

AI-powered products

Our entertainment platforms are innovating with AI, offering a ‘hyper personal’ user experience.  Horizon’s ‘Personal Home’ understands what you want to watch next, where you left off on your most series, and tunes in quickly to your most-watched channels using machine learning.

Future-proofing our workforce

Incorporating digital tools into how we work enhances our efficiency and provides an opportunity for our employees to develop their digital skills. Through strategic partnerships with industry giants Google and Microsoft, we are equipping more than 250 employees at our Bradford Shared Services Centre with the necessary skills to ensure they can thrive in today’s digital economy. We’ve also enabled about 500 employees across Liberty with a form of virtual assistant including Microsoft Co-Pilot.

Network optimization

Our operating companies are using AI to make their mobile networks more energy efficient, paving the way for cost-savings, carbon footprint reductions, and sustainably scaling 5G.
By deploying AI in Switzerland, we’re conducting real-time traffic forecasting, optimizing power supply to servers and other equipment within the mobile network. This has led to reduced electricity consumption of 10%, without compromising network performance.

Partnerships and Collaborations