We’re driving this forward with new technologies such as Mobile Private Networks, Network Slicing and Network-as-a-Service, which will be transformative for a range of industries – from manufacturing to logistics, construction and healthcare. And we’re continuously expanding the ways in which we can benefit our customers through proof-of-concept trials.  



Network-as-a-Service effectively opens up the network to developers, allowing them to make applications that address the specific needs of our customers. Developers will be able to use NaaS Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to create customer-centric propositions, allowing businesses to be truly agile.


Mobile Private Networks provide companies with private, wholly self-sufficient networks on their own business premises. They're customizable and guarantee bandwidth capacity and secure data flow. It could be compared to providing enterprises with a dedicated lane on a very busy highway for a specific use case.


We're using cloud and edge computing to bolster our networks, vastly improving response times by moving applications closer to customers. We’re already seeing these technologies enabling new advanced services, such as more efficient manufacturing, logistics and security.


Partnerships & Collaborations

Meet the Team

Collaborating with Liberty Global’s OpCos, LG Ventures and key partners, we’re driving technology evolution, developing tangible and compelling solutions utilizing the latest in mobile and cloud for our customers.

Suzana Grujev

Vice President, Mobile Access Strategy

Max Gasparroni

Vice President, Core Network Strategy

Vlad Constantinescu

Vice President, Cloud Technology

Alex Reichl

Director, Mobile Strategy and Innovation

Madalina Suceveanu

Managing Director, Mobile & Cloud