We depend on our broadband networks more than ever, and we’re continuing to roll out gigabit broadband to more than 15 million homes across in the UK, powering the gigabit revolution. 

Virgin Media first launched gigabit broadband (Gig1) in Southampton in 2019. Since then it has become available to more than 10 million homes in major cities, such as London, Cardiff, Manchester, Reading, Birmingham, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow Liverpool, Leeds and Bradford as well as the whole of Northern Ireland.

These switch-ons are part of our plan to bring gigabit broadband to our entire network of more than 15 million homes by the end of 2021, helping to deliver almost two-thirds of the Government’s ambition to get gigabit broadband to at least 85% of homes by 2025, four years ahead of target.

The need for speed

With Virgin Media’s hyperfast gigabit connection, ultra-high definition 4K films and TV programmes, very large files and videos can be downloaded almost instantaneously, even with multiple devices using the connection simultaneously.

“The benefits are clear,” says Lutz Schüler, Chief Executive Officer at Virgin Media. “Gigabit meets the growing demand for data, helps power our connected homes, enables seamless remote working and supports our nation’s digital backbone both now and in the future.”


As broadband data use increases tenfold every 7 years, the connection will also support innovative technologies like virtual and augmented reality headsets, 8K streaming, cloud gaming and futuristic immersive in-home entertainment.

Our gigabit network

Our network consists of both fibre-rich cable and full fibre connected directly to the premises, both of which can provide customers with gigabit speeds. Upgrades to the network mean that Virgin Media has been able to introduce the gigabit service without needing to dig up roads and streets to install new cables, helping minimise disruption for communities across the country

Benefits for consumers and society

A report by the respected economists, Oxera, reveals how the mass market rollout of Gigabit broadband will dramatically improve lives and bring about major economic benefits: by revolutionizing healthcare, changing the way we work, enriching social interactions and helping fight climate change.

Read the full report here.