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A new report by the respected economists, Oxera, reveals how the mass market rollout of Gigabit broadband will dramatically improve lives and bring about major economic benefits: by revolutionizing healthcare, changing the way we work, enriching social interactions and helping fight climate change.

It comes as Liberty Global continues its rollout of “GIGACities” across Europe, making Gigabit speeds available to millions of customers in Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Poland and Slovakia.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare

24-hour stroke monitoring
Robots link up with AI diagnostics
Remote patient diagnosis
Enabling the elderly to live at home for longer
Saving up to €35k per patient per year 1
1 Cost savings in the UK for each stroke patient that avoids long-term care due to early detection from stroke monitoring programmes using gigabit connections.

Changing the way we work

Richer, more lifelike meetings
Holographic conferencing
Saving on office overheads
Enabling people to live further from work
Saving up to €5,380 per commuter per year 2
2 Value of time spent commuting in Ireland. Transformed workplaces could address this “cost” by reducing the need to travel to work.

Enriching social & Digital interactions

Immersive educational experiences
Richer social interaction experiences
Live VR sporting events
Multi-player, cloud based gaming
Saving on travelling time & C02 emissions

Helping fight climate change

More than the average C02 emissions of a transatlantic flight 3
Reducing C02 emissions by eliminating the need for commuting
3 Source:

The technology needed to deliver these benefits are already here – and available to millions of consumers throughout Europe through our Gigabit networks.

These networks also have the ability to increase ten-fold over the next ten years, enabling the creation of undreamed of new technologies and new possibilities in the benefits they deliver.