Lutz Schüler has been CEO of Virgin Media since June 2019, after spending ten months as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Lutz is also member of the Liberty Global Executive Leadership Team.

Lutz has a great track record in the German telecom market, with many years of strategic and operational experience and extensive experience in marketing, sales and operations across a wide range of products.

Prior to his time at Virgin Media, Lutz was CEO of Unity Media, a position he held from January 2011. Whilst at Unity Media, he played a key role in the acquisition of Kabel BW by Liberty Global and the subsequent integration of both companies. He served in several senior management roles with the Telefónica O2 group from 1998 onwards, lastly leading the integration of Hansenet Telekommunication GmbH as its CEO in Hamburg, when it was acquired by Telefónica O2 in early 2010. From 2006 to 2010, he was Managing Director, Marketing & Sales for Telefónica O2 in Germany. Before joining Telefónica O2 in 1998, he worked as a product manager with T-Mobile.

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