Liberty Global has announced today that its shareholders have voted in favour of the company’s proposal to change its jurisdiction of incorporation from England and Wales to Bermuda.

The change of incorporation facilitates value-enhancing transactions and reduces administrative burdens and expenses, while preserving strong accountability and corporate governance.

Liberty Global’s shareholders voted strongly in favor of all proposals related to the change in jurisdiction at a series of special meetings held yesterday. The percentage of votes in favor was 88 percent or better of votes cast across each of the company’s three classes of stock.

Liberty Global will now proceed with the relevant legal and regulatory procedures to effect the change. These procedural steps include court hearings in England and the closing, if conditions are met, would not occur until November of 2023.

Liberty Global said the following regarding the outcome of yesterday’s special meetings: “We are pleased that shareholders strongly supported our proposal to change our jurisdiction of incorporation from England and Wales to Bermuda. The change in jurisdiction will make it substantially easier to plan and execute shareholder value enhancing corporate transactions – including buybacks, dividends, spin-offs, cross-border divestitures and acquisitions – while also reducing administrative burdens and expenses. We remain committed to our businesses in the U.K. and the rest of Europe with our market-leading customer services and products, extensive in-country employment and critical infrastructure investment.”

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