Liberty Global plc today announced its full year 2019 and Q4 2019 financial results. Our former operations in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic, along with our DTH business (collectively, the “Discontinued Operations”) have been accounted for as discontinued operations. Unless otherwise indicated, the information in this release relates only to our continuing operations.

CEO Mike Fries stated, “2019 was a transformational year on many fronts. In July, we sold our operations in Germany, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic to Vodafone for over $21 billion. We are now geographically concentrated in five attractive Western European markets, while enjoying substantial financial firepower with over $11 billion of total liquidity.

“Technologically, we continued to push the boundaries of our fiber-rich HFC networks by accelerating our gigabit broadband rollouts to more European homes and businesses. As a result, millions of our customers currently have access to 1 gigabit download speeds, far surpassing what our competitors are able to offer across the vast majority of our footprint.”

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