Where does the UK want to work now? Liberty Global, according to the LinkedIn Top Companies list. Each year the website ranks the popularity of UK companies as workplaces – and this year Liberty Global came in at number 5.

By combing through data from its millions of members, LinkedIn works out which companies are attracting the most attention and the biggest buzz around job applications. It looks at how many employees engage through the site – and how many stay in their job for a year or longer.

The combination of these results – across thousands of companies with 500+ employees – found Liberty Global near the top, among distinguished company such as John Lewis, Harrods and Facebook.

The LinkedIn findings are a ringing endorsement of the Liberty Global approach. Our vision isn’t employees who live to work, but love to work.

To get there we focus on giving our people new opportunities, allowing them the space to see their ideas through, rewarding hard work, offering continuous training to grow and learn – and above all, having fun.

Working in Liberty Global offers the best of both worlds: being embedded in a tight local unit, while being part of a massive worldwide team too. We pride ourselves on that team – and it’s good to see the feeling’s mutual.