Over 200 Virgin Media customers in Coventry will benefit from increased reliability and capacity thanks to the first commercial implementation of a new DOCSIS technology known as Remote Phy.

Remote Phy technology is designed to improve the performance of our Access network– the network we use in the last mile between our technical facilities and customers’ homes – which will ultimately provide our customers with a more reliable service and better experience. It also delivers more capacity efficiency which will allow us to continually deliver wide-scale Gigabit speeds quickly and more cost effectively. It is powered by CIN (Converged Interconnect Network) technology which digitises  our Access network, and will replace our traditional analogue transmission in this space.  This CIN will also support growing B2B services, mobile backhaul and 5G, and is a key enabler in our Fixed Mobile Convergence journey.

The technology is the foundation of our 10G network roadmap. 10G stands for 10 Gigabits per second – a fixed broadband platform that will deliver the next great leap in speed, capacity and latency for the networks that carry the vast majority of the world’s internet traffic

This is our first installation of Remote Phy in the live network and we plan to roll it out in other locations across the UK, as well as in all our European markets.

This milestone is a result of a multi-year development and integration effort across our Central Liberty Global and Virgin Media teams, with support from our suppliers.