It’s no secret that our industry is constantly changing and the notion of a single career is alien to anyone starting out today.   

So the challenge is clear: we need to constantly adapt if we’re to going to appeal to the most talented, innovative people to join, stay and grow with Liberty Global.

Recently I had the privilege of speaking at ‘That Grad Thing’, our annual conference organized and run by our Graduates for our Graduates.

Nearly 200 Liberty Global graduates from 40 different European Universities, representing 17 nationalities were there. The energy and ideas were bursting out of the room.

I was so encouraged to see such a positive output from all the time, money and energy we invest in our home-grown talent.

For a generation that typically won’t stand still for long, here’s a striking stat: 85% of the graduates we’ve hired since 2010 are still with Liberty Global today. And 50% have been promoted at least twice since they started.

They’re more engaged with our story, they shape our culture and live and breathe our deeply rooted DNA.

There’s no doubt graduates are a critical part of our workforce. We want them to grow with us, because we can see the value they bring – not just today, but tomorrow.

If we openly encourage critical thinking, relentless curiosity and a united way of working, then we’re much more able to navigate change which is constant in our industry.

I started out at a different time, but with the same attitude. Nearly three decades ago in fact. And I’m still learning something every single day.

The best businesses don’t change because they have to – they do it because they want to.

Since day one Liberty Global has been an agile operator, buying and building businesses around the world.

But one thing I’ve learned – one of the best investments we make is in attracting and growing the talent who navigate this and make this happen.

You can apply for our graduate scheme here.

Watch the video of our recent TheGradThing event.