After more than six months from the launch of the Adaptive Power Challenge and many months of hard work, creative thinking and determination, the stage was set at Cable-Tec Expo in Atlanta for the judging of the final pitch contest. We are pleased to announce the winners of the Adaptive Power Challenge 2018 sponsored by SCTE•ISBE, Liberty Global and Comcast.

There are two winners, one in the Enterprise category and the other in the Breakthrough category, who both earn prizes of $10,000 and the opportunity to present their solutions directly to the biggest cable system operators in the world.


Winner Enterprise category
Teleste’s Make Sense won in the Enterprise category for offering three alternatives for operating existing amplifiers with lower bias current when lower network usage allows amps to run below their 1.2 GHz maximum capacity. Teleste maintains that in those situations, power can be reduced while keeping the quality of end-use experience intact.


Winner Breakthrough category Holding B.V.’s Distributed Negative Emission SOFC Power took top honors in the Breakthrough category for addressing demand by using small Solid Oxide Fuel Cells to directly supply additional power at the location where it is required. You can read more about the winners here.


Great milestone in the cable industry
The Challenge provided a platform for the industry, through the ENERGY 2020 program, to reach out to the communities around us, including our supplier partners, to solve this common challenge. The solutions chosen both have a compelling vision and strong plans for development/implementation that, when realized, could allow us to decouple energy from data usage in our network. This is a clear milestone in the cable industry’s drive to reduce impact and emissions while increasing our energy efficiency.

Acting as a responsible corporate citizen
“Liberty Global is delighted to have been a key partner of the Adaptive Power Challenge. The innovation challenge aimed at finding ground-breaking solutions to match energy demand to service demand in cable networks leveraging APSIS technology. As a responsible corporate citizen, our Liberty Global Connected Purpose strategy commits us to ensure that as our business grows, our environmental impact does not. While as a responsible business, we want to run a lean, efficient operation. As a result, finding ways to be both more energy and cost efficient, and to decrease our impact on the planet is hugely important to us. Energy is currently responsible for 2% of our operational expenditure and 90% of our carbon emissions comes from the energy that powers our networks. So, the potential payoff of achieving APSIS’ promise to fundamentally upend the network energy equation (i.e. a fixed amount of power consumption regardless of network traffic) for companies like ourselves is immense” Sam Khola, Director of Sustainability at Liberty Global.

Combined efforts
“Ultimately, the Adaptive Power Challenge has been about enhancing the cable telecommunications power equation,” said Derek DiGiacomo, senior director, energy management programs and business continuity for SCTE•ISBE. “Given the quantity and high quality of the submissions we received, it’s clear that we achieved that objective.”


Once again, we would like to wish congratulations to the winners Teleste and SOFC. We’re looking forward to see how we can work further with these fantastic solutions.