After several months of the Covid-19 restrictions we are all trying to find new ways to keep busy and entertained while at home.  No one feels this more than the youngest among us – the school aged children that are missing out on ‘normal life’. 

At a time when they would be outside enjoying the warm weather with their classmates, they are now confined and bored indoors.  While this might feel unbearable, boredom can create wonderful opportunities for learning and creativity.  Which is exactly why UPC Poland decided to create a special online edition of the Future Makers Program – to inspire kids to get online and learn to code as a new digital skill.



UPC Polska has teamed up with the Polish Ministries of Digitization, National Education and NASK – the Polish research institute – to create online Learn to Code lessons. Over 400 children across Poland have already taken part in online coding classrooms, making learning key skills for the future fun, easy and accessible.

Unsurprisingly, the lessons have been met with great enthusiasm from families all over Poland and UPC is meeting the demand by extending the lessons into Autumn, ensuring that 2,000 more children have the opportunity to take part and learn an essential skill.

To take part in the workshop, all that is needed is a computer and access to the Internet. Classes will continue to be held in small groups of eight and each child will get the professional support of an experienced trainer. Details of the program, including the enrollment form, can be found on the dedicated website

At the heart of UPC’s initiative is Liberty Global’s Future Maker Program which was set up to create exciting ways for young people to thrive in the digital economy and use essential new skills to generate a positive social impact. Social impact and engagement drives the Future Maker’s mission as we support inspiring young people who demonstrate their boundless imaginations, hunger to learn and natural desire to do good with technology.