As part of its focus on sustainability and environmental protection, Sunrise UPC is partnering with swisscleantech, demonstrating its commitment to become a national champion in the ESG sector.

André Krause, CEO of Sunrise UPC said, “The 5G mobile network and digital innovations are important groundbreakers for the economy, and for sustainability and climate protection. Thanks to our new collaboration with swisscleantech, Sunrise UPC can further increase its commitment to even greater sustainability.”

swisscleantech has always had the clear objective, that Switzerland should play a pioneering role in climate protection, benefiting the environment and the economy. swisscleantech represents around 500 companies from over 30 industries, as well as associations from all industries and regions in Switzerland. Together, they strive towards creating a courageous, innovative and sustainable economy, building the necessary framework and conditions needed to achieve these goals.

Fabian Etter, Co-President of swisscleantech, places great value on the joint commitment, commenting, “The telecommunications industry plays a crucial role in climate protection. We are delighted that Sunrise UPC supports the goals of swisscleantech and strengthens its commitment to sustainability. Together, we will push for a climate-minded economy.”

In addition to the new partnership, André Krause has become a member of CEO4Climate. #ceo4climate is a swisscleantech campaign, in which leading stakeholders of the Swiss economy advocate for a climate-friendly economy.

“As #ceo4climate, I am firmly committed to climate protection and advocate an effective energy and climate policy that strengthens Switzerland as a hub of business and innovation”, he added.

100% of electricity from renewable resources, reduction of commuter emissions.

Since January 1st 2021, Sunrise UPC has received 100% of its electricity from renewable resources, the majority of which is provided by Swiss hydropower. This milestone, combined with energy efficiency measures, is extremely significant, as the electricity consumption of a telecommunications company has the greatest direct environmental impact on climate protection.

The company’s new flexible working model, in response to the pandemic, is further helping reduce commuter emissions. Sunrise UPC offers its employees the opportunity to work 100% flexibly – from home, on the go or from the office.

5G and modern technologies ensure that innovations are more sustainable and efficient.

5G delivers wireless connectivity with high bandwidths, low latencies and a large number of parallel connections. All devices required for the Internet of Things – such as sensors, tracking systems, drones, computers and smartphones – can be simultaneously supplied with powerful mobile communications. Large amounts of data can be transferred at breakneck speed with almost no delay. This makes real-time applications possible, such as the innovative project of Innosuisse for weed control.

Mobile network power consumption.

Sunrise UPC regularly analyses its energy efficiency – the power consumption of its cellular network is one of the largest sources of emissions that can be directly influenced. With PowerStar, Sunrise UPC is reducing the electricity consumption of its 5G mobile network by around 4 GWh per year, which equates to the annual electricity consumption of a small Swiss community with around 650 inhabitants.

These initiatives build upon Liberty Global’s commitment to sustainability, as a founding  European Green Digital Coalition. Further information on the sustainability and environmental protection activities of Sunrise UPC can be found at: