Why it matters?

Digital skills are essential for working professionals to keep pace in today’s competitive job market. It is particularly a strategic issue in Europe, where the skills gap is projected to grow significantly by 2020. We want to help address this gap.

What we are doing

Empower and inspire to create a positive social impact!

We’re creating exciting ways for young people to thrive in the digital economy and use essential new skills to generate a positive social impact through our Future Makers program. Our Future Makers Awards, for example, challenges 7 to 17-year-olds to use their coding superpowers to make positive changes in their communities. We’re proud to support inspiring young people who demonstrate their boundless imaginations, hunger to learn and innate desire to do good with technology.

Our approach

Digital skills – Across our operations in Europe we partner with relevant NGOs to deliver educational programs that offer young people the opportunity to learn digital and coding skills that would help them be successful in the digital economy.

Social impact – We believe that it’s important to empower young people to get involved in their communities, use their digital skills and create a positive social impact.


We directly reached over 2200 young people through Future Maker programs.

  • Belgium: Telenet and CoderDojo Belgium organized the national Coolest Projects event with more than 90 young inventors. Our Future Makers Awards winner designed a smart cane to help visually impaired people.
  • Germany: Unitymedia sparked young peoples’ Civic Responsibility during a workshop in the Cologne Code Camp organised for 55 young people in partnership with CODE.
  • Ireland: Virgin Media sponsored the international Coolest Projects event with over 1000 kids, 750 projects and 1 Future Maker Award winner, who designed a software which uses face recognition to help find missing people.
  • Poland: UPC partnered with Glamour for a second edition of Future Makers Girls, where 20 young women learned about web design, the importance of data privacy and security online and the powerful impact of technology for social good.
  • Hungary: UPC launched a Future Maker Award to engage young people to used technology for good. Over 40 young people entered the award.
  • Romania: UPC sponsored the Technovation Challenge, empowering young women to come up with solutions to social challenges.
  • Netherlands: Liberty Global were proud sponsors of the STEAM cup challenge, which engaged teachers and young people to create projects to have a positive impact on society
  • Liberty Global and the CoderDojo Foundation developed the Social Enterprise Bento Box to help volunteers guide young people through their social innovation journey.