Whether it’s for entertainment, communication or learning, digital technology is at the heart of every modern childhood. But while the internet is opening young minds to a spectrum of powerful opportunities, it also presents them with risks.  For example, it’s estimated that one in four children have experienced something upsetting on a social network. We’re determined to minimize those risks so that young people can maximize their potential to make a difference online.

We believe that everyone in our industry shares a responsibility to educate and empower teachers, parents and young people. Since 2007, our strategy has included collaborating with European Schoolnet to produce toolkits that give families, educators and children practical help on important topics like online safety, cyberbullying and critical thinking. Every child should have the chance to grow up feeling empowered online, so we’re proud that schools and families worldwide have used over 1 million of our toolkits in 18 different languages.

‘Play and Learn: being Online’
(for ages 4-8 years)
‘Family eSafety Kit’
(for ages 6-12 years)
‘The Web We Want’
(for ages 13-16 years)
Available in these languages:

Available in these languages:


Available in these languages:




‘WebWeWant for Teachers’ – available in these languages:

‘Not Concerned About ESafety at your School? Here’s why you should be!’ – available in these languages:

‘Let’s make online safe: Tips on staying safe online’ – available in these languages:

‘eSafety Label Privacy Tip Guide for Teachers’ – available in these languages:

We’re also working alongside European Schoolnet, European Education Ministries and other leading technology companies on the eSafety Label. This European-wide accreditation and support service, currently used by 11,484 schools throughout Europe, allows schools to assess their own eSafety policies and preparedness. The eSafety Label is available in Czech, Dutch, English, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian and Spanish.

We know that equipping children for their online discovery is an ongoing effort so, in 2017, we signed up to the European Commission’s Alliance to Better Protect Minors Online. We intend to continue focusing on education and awareness for teachers, parents and children so that we empower our youngest digital citizens to harness the potential of the internet to make a difference in society.