Connect Boxes

Our Connect Box is an industry-leading modem and WiFi gateway that guarantees ultrafast and reliable connectivity to our customers’ homes. The Connect Box sits at the core of our ONEConnect platform, with its smart technology continuously monitoring and optimizing the connection at all times.

Constant innovations to our Connect Box allow us to support different network advancements such as fibre, DOCSIS and mobile. Our roadmap is currently equipped to deliver 1 Gigabit speeds to our customers, with the 2023 launch of our Mv3 in Switzerland supporting 10 Gigabit speeds.

Starting with Connect Box V2+, all our gateways will be made from 100% recycled plastic, whilst reducing the use of single-use plastic in the packaging.

Connect Pod

The next generation Connect Pod extends WiFi throughout the home, increasing speed, reliability and coverage by adapting to the environment it operates in.

Through our partnership with Plume Adaptive WiFi™ the technology allows us to optimize and tailor broadband connections, according to the customer and their individual habits, which in turn is enabled by open-source software OpenSync™.

One Connect App

The Connect App gives customers full control of their connectivity experience, where they can own their WiFi like never before. The app offers a wide variety of features, from customer onboarding, a speed scan to make sure we are delivering on the promise of corner-to-corner WiFi, and the ability to see who and what is connected to their network at all times.