To improve our customers’ seamless experience, Liberty Global’s Technology and Innovation teams are introducing ONEConnect – the foundation for all our connectivity developments for years to come – powered by the latest DOCSIS and fibre technology, and our mobile networks.

ONEConnect is a fully digital cloud-based platform that powers our connectivity products and services, across all our operating companies. The platform covers innovations to our Connect Box, Connect Pods and the Connect App plus new developments such as Connect Firmware, Connect Cloud and Connect Care.

ONEConnect is designed to help us drive best in class products, an excellent customer experience and a converged connectivity journey, in and out of the home. By building true Fixed Mobile Champions across our operating companies, we will deliver on our purpose – creating Tomorrow’s Connections Today.

ONEConnect consists of three key pillars:

  1. The unseen force
    • Connect Cloud is what all modems and customer devices connect to, offering multiple services that allow us to deliver functionality at speed and scale. Enhanced functionality includes security, parental controls, and Smart Home services.
    • Artificial Intelligence and cloud-based machine learning help us to understand how customers use their devices, allowing us to proactively predict customer needs, preferences and behaviours to ensure the best connection at all times.
  2. Stylish product design
    • Innovations to our industry-leading Connect Box enable us to guarantee ultrafast and reliable connectivity, in addition to supporting network advancements such as Fibre, Docsis and Mobile. Our roadmap is currently equipped to deliver 1Gigabit speeds with the building blocks in place to achieve 10Gigabit speeds in the future.
    • With Connect Box version two, our gateways will be made from 100% recycled plastic and packaging with no use of single-use plastic.
    • Our Connect Pods extend WiFi throughout the home – thanks to our partnership with Plume Adaptive WiFi – this technology allows us to optimise and tailor broadband connections.
  3. Customer experiences
    • Connect App gives customers control over their connectivity and WiFi, with features including customer onboarding, speed scans and the ability to see who and what is connected to their network.
    • Connect Web offers even greater functionality and advanced network settings.
    • Connect Care enables our customer care teams to view customers’ connectivity in real time. This interface helps improve the customer experience through first-time, accurate diagnostics and resolution.

In summary, ONEConnect delivers a superior WiFi experience – that offers speed, reliability, security and seamlessness – supporting customers and businesses in what they love doing the most.