Aoife, from Ireland, is one of two teens who won the 2017 Future Makers Awards pan-European competition (14-17 years old category ). Aoife, who nurtured her skills at a CoderDojo in Sligo, Ireland, created the Eye Opener app that prevents drowsy driving accidents. The wearable device measures changes in a driver’s core body temperature and warns them when they are at risk of falling asleep behind the wheel. “The implications for something like this are huge”, says Aoife. 

“If this device prevents just 1% of the estimated 328,000 crashes caused each year in the U.S. from drowsy driving, it will result in 3,280 fewer crashes. That’s 3,280 fewer families distraught, 3,280 fewer bills to pay and 3,280 fewer lives torn apart. “ Aoife Kearins, Future Makers Award winner.

As a Future Makers winner, Aoife toured the Liberty Global Schiphol-Rijk office where she met the team and learned more about the important role technology plays at Liberty Global. As part of her visit, Aoife spent time with Simona, a fellow technology wizard, who shared her thoughts and insights into the increasing career opportunities that are open to women in the field of technology.

Liberty Global launched the pan-European Future Makers Awards in partnership with CoderDojo during the 2017 Europe Code Week, aiming to stimulate young people to use their coding superpowers to come up with projects that could solve social issues in their communities.