Harvey Brezina Conniffe (14), from Dublin scooped the ‘Future Maker’ prize at the seventh annual Coolest Projects International 2018 in Dublin on Saturday for his project,  Intelligentia.

The Future Maker prize, sponsored by Liberty Global celebrates young people who use their coding and creative technology skills to bring about a positive social impact and change in their communities.

“Every year 9,179 people go missing in Ireland alone. A large percentage of these are at-risk people(the elderly and ill people). What if we could quickly locate these people before it’s too late? Approximately 1.2 trillion photos were taken worldwide in 2017 and this number is just growing annually. Intelligentia is an app which when downloaded will passively monitor your photos and tries to identify missing persons in the background. When the system locates these people it instantly notifies the relevant authorities. Who knows? Maybe your selfie could save a life.” – Harvey, describing his award winning project.