Nadia Howden

Job title

Director Consumer Strategy, Amsterdam

My journey

Shortly after graduating from University, I relocated to The Netherlands in 2017 with my (now) Dutch fiancé to join the Commercial Graduate Programme. After two successful rotations in Customer Experience and our B2B Digital Transformation team, I was fortunate enough to land a permanent role as CRM Manager. I soon realized I had a penchant for solving real consumer needs and a knack for translating innovative technical solutions into easily-understood propositions, which led to my move to the customer value proposition team. Fast forward to today and I have enjoyed various roles in product, marketing, and now strategy. My career progression has been pretty rapid, that I sometimes have to pinch myself to remind myself of what I’ve achieved in such a short space of time. There is no way I ever could have imagined going from degree to Director in 4.5 years but it would not have been remotely possible, without the fantastic mentors and managers that I have had in the company. I love how varied my journey has been and get a lot of energy from working with different people, personalities, and countries!

Tell me about your career progression here.

Having people who believe in you and want you to succeed, is a very special thing. I genuinely believe that I work in a company that recognises ambition, are dedicated to providing growth and care about your health and happiness.

Nadia outside working hours

I like to work out, so I can enjoy all the guilty pleasures in life! I love weight lifting and spinning, and get unnecessarily competitive when it comes to all things sport. When I am not trying to achieve a PB, I am normally watching my favourite football team – Huddersfield Town. My Dad has been a huge influence in making sure I always follow them, by sending multiple WhatsApp messages in our family WhatsApp group right before kick-off! Football is something that keeps me connected to my family, in addition to good food and wine. I also Facetime my baby nieces nearly every day – I am obsessed!

I spend a considerable amount of time championing women and encouraging them to join our industry. I am on the board of The WICT Network Europe, a global non-profit that is focused on accelerating equality and inclusion in our industry. It is something I feel super passionate about and get a lot of energy from.

What is #LifeatLiberty like?

#LifeatLiberty is exciting, ever-evolving and enjoyable!

The word that best describes my team is… consumer-obsessed!

You’re truly part of Liberty Global, when… you turn up to work, oat milk cappuccino in hand (how very millennial of me), with the ambition to make a difference and get stuff done.