Here at Liberty Global, we’re at the start of an exciting journey for our brands and customers. Last week, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) became the first markets in the Liberty Global family to launch the new, customer-focused ‘Exciting Times, Love Every Moment’ brand platform that will soon roll out to other Liberty Global brands. With its bright, modern, and emotive visuals, our new brand positioning signals a positive shift in the way that we connect with consumers and how we inspire and motivate employees to deliver exceptional customer experience.

We’ve come a long way

When Liberty Global first started, we were all about investing in our cable networks. With the arrival of the internet, we also started focusing on providing fantastic products: faster internet, great video platforms and the latest in mobile communications.

At this phase of our journey, we continue to build on these investments while dedicating our focus and passion to our consumers. What makes them tick? What makes them smile? How we can make their lives easier? To embrace our customers and become truly customer-focused, we knew we needed a deep understanding of what drives them.

Fluid lives are full of moments

Across all of our markets, consumers’ lives have become busier, more disjointed, more fluid than ever before. Even within a single household, each member has their individual rhythms and routines inside and outside of the home. A global insights study that we commissioned last year found that consumers cherish the freedom of being connected anywhere, anytime but they also deeply value the shared moments that anchor them to family and friends. This led to a crucial shift in the way we view our role in customers’ lives.

We see that fluid lives are made up of all kinds of moments: small, silly moments, happy moments, tough moments and life changing moments. Whether they make us feel liberated or anchored, all of these moments are meaningful to us.

Therefore we believe it’s our role, through our connected entertainment experiences, to enable customers to create and enjoy those meaningful moments. Simply said, Exciting Times, Love Every Moment.

In describing how this enables us to stand out from our competitors, Anna Putts, Head of Marketing Communications at UPC CEE says, “typically, our competitors take a very functional approach to communication; it’s all about internet speed and prices We knew we were in a unique positon to take a more emotional approach by focusing on the role we play in people’s lives, how we contribute to their meaningful moments. We connect people to one another, we help make their lives better every day.”

As the world’s largest international TV and broadband company we are in a great position to blend the best product features, content, service and customer experience components together into one amazing customer value proposition. Now with our new brand platform, ‘Exciting Times, Love Every Moment,’ we have an innovative and fresh way to communicate our brand promise externally to consumers and internally for our employees.

This change helps us walk the talk and become a true customer oriented organization” – Anna Putts, Head of Marketing Communications, UPC CEE

UPC CEE’s ‘Happy Home’ is the first consumer campaign to go live under the new brand. It also marks the first time that central and market teams have worked closely to co-create campaigns. This translates to a more strategic, consistent media approach and higher production quality than is often seen in the markets, which also helps to elevate our brands above the competition.