Here at Liberty Global, we’ve set ourselves a challenge – to increase our energy efficiency by 15% every year through to 2020.

Our biggest source of carbon emissions is the energy that powers our networks, making up 90% of our total consumption.

At Liberty Global we believe in Responsible Connectivity, meaning that as the bandwidth we provide continues to grow, our impact on the planet won’t. As we continue expanding our network we’re constantly seeking ways to minimize our environmental impact.

Not only are we expanding our network, we are also increasing speeds as we enter the next stage of the digital revolution, enabling applications of the future, such as VR/AR solutions, drones, AI etc.  Energy efficiency will play a core role for this to happen.

That’s why we teamed up with industry leaders, such as SCTE•ISBE and Comcast to drive our industry’s biggest energy challenge – the Adaptive Power Challenge – to find smart and innovative solutions which can optimize the energy used in our networks of the future.

We are calling on entrepreneurs, experts, inventors, college students and established businesses to come up with the brightest solutions and help us optimize our energy use.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

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