This week Micha Berger, CTO of Telenet, hosted the first ever demo of DOCSIS 4.0 technology in Europe at the Telenet Lab in Mechelen, Belgium.

10 gig DOCSIS 4.0 technology, which has been developed in partnership with CableLabs and other leading operators, enables us to supercharge the hybrid fibre parts of our network. It means we can continue to more than meet the ever-growing consumer demand for speed and reliability that underpins our offer of trusted connectivity.

Taking advantage of extended spectrum, DOCSIS 4.0 means even higher speeds – both downstream and upstream – more capacity and better security. It can be used alongside other technologies to deliver next-generation speeds with low levels of latency – and without the need to install new equipment underneath the street.

During the demo, Micha also demonstrated how XGS-PON – another 10 gig technology which upgrades fibre networks – also ensures next-generation speeds. Combined with DOCSIS 4.0 technology delivering download speeds on a par with XGS-PON, our integrated network approach will continue to not only drive digital transformation for millions of customers but also help governments meet digital targets across all of Liberty Global’s markets in the EU, UK and Switzerland.

Supporting ever faster download and upload speeds at a much lower level of latency is something that will be crucial in supporting the predicted exponential growth in IoT devices and Web3 applications. As the digitalization of society continues at pace, our networks mean that innovation need never be constrained by any lack of network capacity.

It’s all part of our mission to drive seamless, reliable and fast customer experiences across our entire footprint. Already almost 100% of our network offers gigabit speeds to customers and we constantly aim to always be ahead of society’s needs in terms of speed, reliability and user experience.