We believe that building connections today for a better tomorrow goes beyond providing great products and services. It’s not only about what we do for our customers and our people, but also what we do for our communities.

We are committed to empowering our employees to make a difference. That’s why we’re launching Connected Communities and our Liberty Global Volunteer Programme, which are integral to our corporate responsibility commitment.

Connected Communities is our community investment, engagement and volunteer programme in the Netherlands, UK, and US – set up to help address today’s societal issues by mobilising our people and resources, and tapping into the skills and passions of our employees.

The programme encourages employees to give back in a couple of ways – through company-sponsored charitable activities and/or supporting not-for-profit organisations through volunteering. We believe volunteering helps all of us understand the advantages and barriers people face in society, broadening our perspectives and helping us to build an inclusive culture.

While volunteering has been an important element of our company culture for many years, our new Liberty Global Volunteer Programme cements our commitment.

24 hours to give back

Employees now have 24 hours a year of paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO) – which can be taken during normal working hours – to give back and support the causes that matter most to them. Employees can volunteer in increments of 30 minutes up to three days in total, individually and/or via Liberty Global facilitated initiatives, such as mentoring.

Company-sponsored volunteering

This is our approach to giving back in a united way: as a company, as teams, or as an Employee Resource Group, offering opportunities to enjoy shared experiences. This benefits us collectively in gaining new perspectives on issues in the communities where we operate.

Through volunteering, we deepen the connection to our communities and gain a better understanding of the issues affecting the people around us. Bringing new experiences and perspectives back to work with us strengthens our culture and elevates our shared purpose.

I can’t wait to hear what volunteering opportunities our employees get involved with and we’ll hopefully share some highlights on social media over the coming months.