2018 saw new product launches, major announcements and new ventures sought. As we celebrate the year that was, we also look forward to what 2019 may bring. Ankur Prakash, VP for Liberty Global Ventures, tells us what technologies will be empowering us in 2019 and what it will mean for our customers.

 “I see three key tech trends that will be a huge focus for us next year – Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Adoption and Network Virtualization. Each of these trends will drive better efficiencies inside our core operations, which will in turn provide a better customer experience.

We are actively looking at cutting-edge AI and Cloud-based technologies that I am personally very excited to be starting to use and integrate within our products and network.  Several of our core markets will start incorporating AI, which will enable us to create better products that our customers will enjoy using every day.

Although Cloud is not new, its adoption continues to grow inside the Cable Industry to reduce costs, drive efficiencies, and achieve scalability of database capabilities. In 2019, we will be exploring new ways of extracting even greater value from the cloud.

Finally, network deployment will be simplified with virtualization. Our network continues to be virtualized, which will ensure we can better integrate with and support the increasingly virtual environments we will be operating in.”