We have been a proud investor in Swiss connectivity since 2005. Sunrise offers the combination of Switzerland’s leading fibre optic cable network with one of the world’s best mobile networks to provide customers with a first-class integrated connectivity and entertainment platform.

This broadband-mobile convergence has turned Sunrise into the strongest challenger in the Swiss market and a driving force for competition and innovation. We have invested more than CHF 3.7bn since 2006 upgrading our networks and currently cover 2.5 million homes.

We are supporting the Swiss government’s connectivity targets by providing next generation products and services to connect people and enable them to actively engage with the digital world.

CHF 4bn

invested since 2006


customers (fixed line)


mobile customers




gigabit homes


reduction in Scope 1&2 emission by 2030


Our focus Areas

Economic Resilience

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the need for everyone to have access to ultrafast, reliable broadband. We’re playing a vital role in the post-Covid recovery by enabling individuals to stay connected to each other and empowering businesses to accelerate their digital transformation.

We’re ensuring Switzerland is better prepared for comparable future situations by continuing to invest in our 5G and fibre networks.

Environmental protection

Superfast broadband and digital technology will play a vital role in the path towards Net Zero, enabling businesses to become more sustainable and more people to work from home, commute less and access healthcare online, as well as powering the sustainable smart cities of the future.

As we spearhead this digital transformation, it is our responsibility to ensure that as our business grows, our impact on the planet doesn’t. We’re committed to enhancing sustainability and energy efficiency in our business, becoming founding members of the European Green and Digital Coalition and announcing Net Zero targets by 2030.

Digital transition

We’re investing in expanding our network and creating innovative products and services to ensure consumers and businesses embrace the opportunities created by digital technologies.

This transition will only happen if our communities have the necessary digital skills and trust in digital services. We therefore have a range of initiatives to provide connectivity, services and digital skills to people who need them, as well as safeguarding our children online and protecting customer data.

Policy reports

Our annual policy reports explore the opportunities and advancements that our technology and innovation can enable and the benefit that that has for our society. Working with respected economist such as Oxera, EY and AT Kearney, we use methods such as polling, projections and social sciences to deliver key insights into the power of our networks and how we can harness that power to create a better future.

Our policy reports