Investor relations page

Liberty Global plc is a public company with six classes of shares, which are separated into two groups:

  • Liberty Global Group, which includes our European operations, is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbols “LBTYA”, “LBTYB”, and “LBTYK”.
  • Liberty Latin America and Caribbean Group (“LiLAC Group”), which includes our operations in that region, are traded under the symbols  ”LILA”, ”LILAB”, and “LILAK”. LILA and LILAK are traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market and LILAB is traded on the OTC link.


Earnings Press Releases


  Liberty Global plc Liberty Global Group LiLAC Group
Revenue: $18.3 billion1 $17.1 billion1 $1.2 billion1
Equity Market Cap:   $29.6 billion2 $1.7 billion2
Listed on NASDAQ:
Listed on OTC link:     LILAB
Shares Outstanding:   844 million2 44 million2

1Revenue is presented for the year ended December 31, 2015.
2Share price and Shares outstanding as of February 4, 2016.