Public Policy

Liberty Global is actively engaged in significant public policy debates throughout our markets. Liberty Global is committed to engaging regulators and government officials in an ongoing, constructive dialogue in order to position the Company for future growth and provide the best possible service to our customers. In particular, we strive to make meaningful contributions to advance the leading issues in the public policy community where the governance of modern communications networks is continually evolving. In almost every country where we operate, Liberty Global has dedicated public policy and government affairs resources which are firmly rooted in the local community. We have dedicated government relations offices in Brussels and Berlin.

Liberty Global Policy Series

On September 18, 2014, Liberty Global launched its latest research project under our ‘Policy Series’. The study ‘The Future of the Internet – Innovation & Investment in IP Interconnection’ conducted by Arthur D. Little, provides a new perspective on the future of the internet and the dynamics of IP interconnection which are widely debated themes in open internet discussions. IP interconnection is, and has been, an essential building block for the quality and functionality of the internet. In recent years, IP interconnection models have evolved in response to changes in internet usage and traffic patterns caused by disruptive applications or technologies. In many ways, the level of innovation in the IP interconnection sector is defining how the internet evolves as a platform for future applications, for example machine-to-machine communications. The study unravels some of the complexity in IP interconnection and identifies the main drivers of change in the world of IP interconnection. It also analyses the effects of investment and innovation by the IP interconnection players on the future capability of the public internet, end-user quality of experience, competition and the scope for new internet applications. The video below touches upon the highlights of the study.

The Future of the Internet
The Future of the Internet Video

The Liberty Global Policy series to date comprises eight studies. The research program was initiated in 2005, the year that Liberty Global was established, and is designed to provide forward-looking thought-leadership on the strategic themes that shape competition and structure, business opportunities and conduct in our sector internationally.

Policy Reports

In addition to the Policy Series, Liberty Global commissions reports to address strategic policy issues at the European level, which position cable as key investor in digital infrastructure and increase awareness of its impact. These reports contribute to pending policy and regulatory debates at EU level as well as key national debates in the markets where we operate.