Liberty Global provides direct IP connectivity to its own customers (Peering) as well as global internet connectivity (Transit). Liberty Global’s Peering Principles can be found here. Liberty Global periodically reviews and revises these peering principles.

Access to Liberty Global IP networks is also available via third parties.

Global internet access via Liberty Global NetworkFor partners that only require a direct connection to Liberty Global Network
Volume-based billing rate, or port-based on committed minimum volumes


Liberty Global defines “peering” as a form of IP interconnection where each party provides reciprocal access to the others own and customer networks.

Liberty Global offers global and regional peering to third parties that prefer a direct connection with access to our network. In order to be considered as a potential partner for peering in Europe and/or the United States and/or Latin America the technical and operational requirements set forth in the Liberty Global Peering Principles must be fulfilled.

If a potential peering partner does not fulfil these requirements Liberty Global may nonetheless consider peering on the basis of other commercial and technical arrangements if this is in its interest.

Potential peering partners shall send a written peering application to The application shall provide:

  • A description of the potential peering partner’s network; geographic scope, backbone capacities & type of traffic including expected initial traffic volume exchanged and one year forecast.
  • The desired technical & commercial type of relation requested, including reference(s) to peering DB ( or exhaustively list all of the exchange points and facilities where the potential peering partner has ability to interconnect.
  • Confirm agreement to relevant minimum as well technical & operational requirements outlined in sections above.

Potential peering partners providing information requested above will be contacted within one calendar month to further discuss their requests. Note that Liberty Global:

  • Evaluates requests based upon actual long term observed traffic and will not setup trial peering.
  • Requires an NDA before formal discussion of a peering agreement can begin.
  • Requires a formal contract for any new peering agreement.


Liberty Global has an extensive reach of direct prefixes. With direct interconnect relationships to with many internet connectivity providers Liberty Global offers full global connectivity to all worldwide domains based on our highly reliable global IP network.

Our IP Transit solutions offer small to high volume services in locations throughout Liberty Global’s footprint with competitive pricing and lead times. Optionally the IP Transit service can also be delivered with a managed BGP router.

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