Saaj Patel

Finance Rotations Analyst, Denver

“Opportunities to advance my career and develop my skills are ever-present at Liberty Global and I’m always looking to take advantage of them.”

My journey

I joined Liberty Global as a Finance Graduate in 2018 following my undergraduate degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. After working in Risk Management, Corporate Tax Strategy and Emerging Business Activation in London for a year each, I moved to our Denver offices.

I’m passionate about pushing myself out of my comfort zone, so the opportunity to work in a more accounting-based role, in a completely new country, was one I couldn’t turn down. Opportunities to advance my career and develop my skills are ever present at Liberty Global, and I’m always looking to take advantage of them. For example, in addition to my day job, I lead the rotations process for the Finance Graduate scheme, allowing me to connect with senior stakeholders and ensure graduates have a great experience in their roles.

I’m also really proud to have co-founded Liberty Global’s first Employee Resource Group in 2021, covering Race and Ethnicity, which partly led to me being named as a Top 100 Global Future Leader by INvolve (in a list supported by YahooFinance).

Saaj outside working hours
I love to travel and aim to visit 25 of the US states before returning to the UK (or wherever my next role takes me) – I’m currently at 18 states after just 10 months! I’m also a keen sportsman, having played Cricket and Rugby at the representative level throughout my childhood – I’m looking forward to setting up a social cricket team in the Denver office this summer to teach everyone how to play. I do my best to give back, too, so I’m always keen to take up the volunteering opportunities that our Connected Communities team organizes with local charitable organizations and schools.

What is #LifeatLiberty like?

Fast, exciting and fun.

The word that best describes my team is… legendary.

You’re truly part of Liberty Global, when… agile becomes your middle name.