Why it matters?


Our world is becoming more connected. With over 3.5 billion internet users around the globe, connectivity is now an essential part of everyday life. We have a responsibility to ensure everyone, no matter where they are or what barriers they are facing in life, can make use of our digital technology safely, securely and achieve their full potential.

We’re focused on delivering the best customer experience possible by transforming the way we help and support our customers.
Data plays a huge role in every aspect of our daily lives. As a provider of internet, telephone and television services, our customers’ entire digital lives are entrusted to us. We value the confidence they’ve put in us and take our responsibility seriously.

What we are doing

We’re investing in making our products and services more accessible, while also being committed to protecting customer privacy, maintaining data security and keeping children safe online. Being a responsible business also includes the way in which we manage our supply chain.

Our approach

Customer privacy and data security – As a provider of internet, telephone and television services, our customers’ digital lives are entrusted to us. So every decision we make comes with an obligation to keep personal data safe. We define data security as the measures that we take to protect the confidentiality and integrity of our customers’ data. It’s a priority for us because our customers trust us with their data and we work hard to maintain that trust.

Protecting children online – We aim to make the digital world safe for everyone, especially our children, so we ensure our products and services offer parental control features that help parents keep children safe online. Our internet safety toolkits guide parents and teachers alike on how to empower young people of all ages to protect themselves as they explore the online world. Read more here.

Responsible procurement – We’re committed to building better relationships with our suppliers not only to mitigate risks but to also help identify opportunities. This includes better understanding the way we source our electronic components and network equipment and its subsequent distribution to our customers. Read more here.