We want to ensure that we’re constantly focused on the most significant sustainability impacts of our business as they affect our stakeholders and communities.

In 2014, we conducted a detailed analysis to identify the material sustainability issues of greatest concern to our business and to society. We engaged stakeholders including employees, customers, industry associations, sustainability experts and the media to understand their priorities.

We reassessed those issues in 2017 to ensure that our strategic direction continues to reflect the changing interests and expectations of our business leaders and stakeholders. To do this, we conducted an analysis of factors that affect our material impacts including:

  • The material priorities generated through engagement with local stakeholders by our operating companies: Virgin Media, Unitymedia and Telenet;
  • General and sector priorities defined by sustainability frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB);
  • Reputational impacts across the European markets where Liberty Global is active;
  • A review of leading telecommunications companies and the issues they present as material for their businesses and their associated social impacts; and
  • Employee feedback collected as part of a survey on CR and employee priorities.

The results confirmed that the six material topics identified in 2014 continue to be the most relevant for our business, our industry and our stakeholders. In addition, two new topics were identified as being important: customer experience and service quality and employee

engagement and equality.

We therefore recognize all eight topics as key impacts to be addressed by our CR framework and strategy, as well as the focus of our sustainability reporting to stakeholders.