Why it matters?

We passionately believe in the power of technology as a force for good and that’s why we are bringing people together to use digital technology to solve some of the most pressing issues facing society. We’re supporting and investing in social innovators and entrepreneurs to inspire people to unlock their potential and use technology to create a positive change in today’s world.

What we are doing

We’ve sparked conversations throughout society that get people thinking about issues like smart living, lifelong learning, accessibility, healthcare monitoring and digital inclusion. UPC in Poland and Unitymedia in Germany became our first operations to launch Digital Imagination Challenges. Social entrepreneurs from both countries submitted solutions to important social issues with the most promising concepts receiving additional guidance before being pitched to an expert panel. The winners earned funding and support to help them scale their solutions

Our approach


Discover – identify the most pressing social issues in a community and raise awareness around them;

Innovate – call to action for innovators to take on the challenge of coming up with solutions that would address the social issues identified;

Deliver – select, celebrate and support the best solutions.


  • 2 Digital Imagination Challenges launched in Poland and Germany;
  • 74 social entrepreneurs engaged;
  • Second edition of the Digital Imagination Challenge taking place again in  Germany.