The transformative power of the internet defines our generation, and is inspiring the next, in ways that we are only just beginning to imagine.

We passionately believe in the power of technology as a force for good and that’s why our vision for Digital Imagination is to inspire people to unlock their potential and use technology to create positive change in today’s world.

Future makers

Creating exciting ways to share the skills needed to thrive in the digital economy and create a positive social impact.

unfilled vacancies for ICT professionals

It is estimated that there will be 500,000 unfilled vacancies for ICT professionals by 2020.

Original Thinkers

Supporting and investing in innovators and entrepreneurs to use digital technology to inspire social change.

of young professionals

want their work to benefit the local community.

Collective Solutions

Bringing people together to use digital technology to solve the most pressing issues facing society.

4 billion
internet users

by the end of the decade. Imagine what they could achieve if they all worked together.