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Liberty Global

At Liberty Global, we engage with regulators and government officials in an ongoing, constructive dialogue around EU-wide and local public policy developments.

In particular, we strive to make meaningful contributions to the continually evolving governance of modern communications networks in Europe. As an alternative to the incumbents in markets we operate in, we contribute to competition and the creation of value for consumers. We strive to contribute to a technology-neutral, innovation-friendly regulatory environment for telecom operators in Europe.

In almost all of our operations and in our EU representation office in Brussels, we have public policy and government affairs specialists who are firmly rooted in the local community.

How we are supporting Europe

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digital services

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customers with access to gigabit speeds

How Liberty Global aims to contribute to society

Connecting you to what’s next

Liberty Global already provides millions of Europeans access to far-reaching, gigabit-fast networks with fiber at their core. The 2025 Gigabit Society goals are estimated to require €500 billion. The regulatory environment needs to become more investment-friendly. We urge policy makers to avoid state aid that distorts competition or favours particular technologies, remove red tape and further harmonize rules for deployment of networks in the EU.

Our investment drives competition in European markets

We’re creating national challengers to the incumbents. Our investments drive competition and efficiency in the market, and increase consumer value. Our gigabit networks allow new applications for Smart Homes and can facilitate more sustainable societies. Improving employees’ ability to work remotely for example, could amount lower emissions, and save both money and time. It is important that law makers stimulate this development by an agile, technology-neutral framework that incentvizes investments.

We provide value to consumers at a local level

Our companies bring direct value in their communities. Gigabit speeds will deliver an estimated €250-660 billion per year in Europe by 2025. Reliability, consistency, security, and a seamless in-home experience are just as important as fast internet. Consumers should have clarity in their rights. Therefore the same rules for same services should apply. Free and open internet is indispensable in our societies. We urge any new measures to be proportionate and appropriate to ensure that they do not create excessive regulatory burdens