Director since June 2005

Member of Audit and Nominating & Corporate Governance Committees

David has over 35 years of experience in investment research, analysis and management.  He is the Founder and President of Wargo & Company, Inc., a private company specialising in investing in the communications industry since 1993.  David is a co-founding member of Peters Creek Entertainment LLC from 2010 and is a co-founding member of Asia Vision LLC since 2015.  In addition, he is a co-founder and was a member of New Mountain Capital, LLC from 2000 to 2008.

Other Public Company Directorships:

Strayer Education, Inc. (since March 2001)

Discovery, Inc. (since September 2008)

Liberty Trip Advisor Holdings, Inc. (since August 2014)

Liberty Broadband Corporation (since March 2015)

VObile Group Ltd. (since January 2018)



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