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Liberty Global

Our Priorities

These are the topics that matter to us. That we can affect. Where we can make a difference.


We Grow Inclusively.

Our culture of Belonging champions diversity and representation to elevate equitable and inclusive opportunities across every part of our business.

We are committed to enhancing digital equity and skills for our communities and society today, while creating positive change for the generations to come.


We Grow Sustainably.

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, innovating to save energy, ensuring the energy we do use comes from renewable sources, and that our products and fibre-based and 5G networks are as efficient as possible.

We are focused on circularity, and enabling industries beyond our own to become greener through digitization.


We Grow Responsibly.

We value being a transparent and trusted company. We are committed to fair and sustainable operations and practices, and we hold our partners and suppliers to the ethos of responsibility that we set for ourselves.


This report provides an overview of our environmental, social and governance initiatives and performance across our priority areas focused on People Planet Progress.

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