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Please find below a list of the most commonly asked questions from UK employees relating to coronavirus (COVID-19). The answers and advice below are subject to review and may change at any time. If there is a question you still need answering, get in touch at


Does our travel insurance cover medical expenses if I contract COVID-19 while abroad?

Yes, emergency medical expenses incurred during travel (including those related to COVID-19) are covered by our travel insurance policy. The insurance policy rules/conditions will apply as for any other emergency medical expenses incurred abroad.

You can find more details, as well as the claim form, on Select. Go to My People Hub, then choose Select.

What do I do if I don’t feel comfortable using public transport?

Until we launch our Hybrid Work Pilot, you do not need to attend the office unless your job requires it, therefore please do not use public transport if you feel uncomfortable doing so.

If I am required in the office and feel uncomfortable taking public transport, will the company pay for a taxi/Uber for me?

No. The company will only ask employees to travel to your place of work. Please discuss with your line manager any specific concerns you have about commuting.

I have a car and would prefer to drive to the office. Will the company provide me with parking?

There is a limited amount of on-site parking, which will be maximized to support as many people as possible. If you cannot be accommodated though, Liberty Global will not reimburse you for alternative parking arrangements.

Can I flex my working hours in order to avoid rush hour?

Please consult with your line manager, but in general we encourage some flexibility in work hours to be considered.

I would like to travel and work from another country to support my family there. Is that possible?

If you would like to request this, please send an email to People Services so we can advise you on this. Please include which location you’d travel to and how long you were thinking of staying there.

Away from your employment country during COVID?

We understand that a number of employees were already outside of their employment country due to vacation, or decided to travel and stay elsewhere before or during lockdown. Please record and retain the dates of your departure and return.

There could be serious consequences for you if you are away from your employment country for a prolonged period (six or more cumulative months over the last year).

We strongly advise you to return to your employment country before you hit the accumulated six-month mark. If this is not possible, or you have concerns, please inform People Services (stating your dates of absence and countries) so we can look into your particular situation because:

  1. Your benefits (pension, medical insurance, etc…) may change after a longer period of time outside of your employment country
  2. Your residency in the employment country may be impacted
  3. Your immigration position may change
  4. Your tax position may shift from one country to another, meaning that you may be liable for tax in two countries
  5. Your social security position may also change, which may affect your state benefit entitlements in your employment country.

I have just returned from abroad. Should I self-isolate?

You will be required to abide by local government guidance on travel and any subsequent quarantine period. If you have just returned from abroad, you should let your line manager know and, depending on the location and government guidance, you may need to work from home for a period of time.

What is the advice on international business travel by train or vehicle? 

All international business related travel remains restricted unless you have explicit approval from your ELT member.

What are the guidelines around domestic business travel? For example, what about travel between our Bradford and London offices?

Domestic business travel between our offices in the UK is allowed for business critical reasons only, but please check with your line manager first.

I live in a different country to where I work, what are the guidelines if I need to cross international borders to get to work?

You are asked to work remotely from your home location as the default position.

If you live and work in any of the Schengen zone countries in continental Europe, you are allowed to travel between the countries for work, as long as local government guidelines allow it and you have explicit approval from your MD. Please note, the UK is not part of the Schengen zone countries.

Does our travel insurance cover cancellation of personal travel?

Unfortunately, our travel insurance (along with many other insurance companies) is not covering cancellation due to disinclination to travel, even if there are travel advisories in place. Cancellation is only covered in case of serious illness, serious accidental injury or death. However, many travel operators are showing flexibility and allowing rebooking for a future date, so you may want to check with them in the first instance.

What is the definition of ‘essential business travel’ or ‘critical business travel’?

The travel must have a material business impact to be allowed. As we’ve stated, any international business travel must be approved by your ELT member.