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All employees who work at the Schiphol-Rijk campus must register themselves and reserve space in advance via Mapiq Office Shifts.

Please find below a list of the most commonly asked questions from employees in the Netherlands relating to coronavirus (COVID-19). The answers and advice below are subject to review and may change at any time. If there is a question you still need answering, get in touch at



What is the guidance for visitors to a Liberty Global site?

We are now allowed to receive visitors at the office again, as long as the visitors are from the Netherlands.

Having international visitors will still require prior ELT approval and they must complete a Coronavirus Visitor Declaration before attending any face-to-face meetings at our offices – they will not be allowed in until the form is completed and signed.

What is the guidance regarding travel for contractors and suppliers visiting a Liberty Global site?

All contractors and suppliers are required to follow all Liberty Global travel restrictions. Domestic travel between our offices is not recommended unless business critical.

International business related travel is currently restricted unless you have explicit approval from the relevant Liberty Global ELT member or their designated authority.

Can contractors that work here during the week then return home to a foreign country continue to work on site?

The same guidance applies whether you are a contractor or employee. All international business travel (including international travel to your place of work) is currently restricted. Any business critical essential international travel must be approved by the relevant Liberty Global ELT member.

However, if you live and commute to work in any of the Schengen zone countries in continental Europe, you are allowed to travel between those countries for work, as long as local government guidelines allow it and you have received approval from the relevant Liberty Global MD.


I would like to travel and work from another country to support my family there. Is that possible?

If you would like to request this, please email People Services so we can advise you on this. Please include which location you would travel to and how long you were thinking of staying there.