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All employees who work at the Schiphol-Rijk campus must register themselves and reserve space in advance via Mapiq Office Shifts.

Please find below a list of the most commonly asked questions from employees in the Netherlands relating to coronavirus (COVID-19).  We will continue to update this information as the situation unfolds. The answers and advice below are subject to review and may change at any time. If there is a question you still need answering, get in touch at


**Please note that given the lockdown has been extended until March 15, everyone who can work from home effectively is advised to do so. Please visit the government website for the latest guidance, including curfew rules, travel restrictions, etc.

Who do I need to inform if I plan to come into the office?

Please only come to our offices if you cannot work from home.

All employees and contractors who work at the Schiphol-Rijk campus must register themselves and reserve space via Mapiq Office Shifts. This is a browser-based application that allows you to register your selected days up to three weeks in advance.

When you go onto the website for the first time, please enter your work email address to enter the site. Read the Mapiq Office Shifts Guide to find out more about how to use Mapiq Office Shifts or check the Mapiq Office Shifts FAQs.

If you are going into the office for any critical business reason, you must register. If you are collecting something from reception and will not enter the office, you do not need to book a shift. However, please give advance notice by sending an email with the relevant details about your visit to:

Your health and safety continues to be our number one priority – and using the Mapiq tool allows us to manage the capacity of the buildings while maintaining proper social distancing.

Can I also see who else has booked a shift in a specific location?

Yes. Office Shifts now has a new feature called Connections that enables you to see when your colleagues are planning to be in the office, so you can schedule to be there at the same time.

You simply send an invitation to your colleagues, (using either the pop-up prompt or the filter connections tab) and once the invitation has been accepted, your colleague’s bookings will be visible and they can see yours. You can then book to be in the office on the same day(s) and in the same location.

More information can be found in the Getting Started with Mapiq Shifts guide.

I don’t feel comfortable returning to the office yet. Will I be penalized in any way?

No. Our number one priority is your health and safety. No one should be taking any action that puts their health at risk. We recognize that everyone has specific circumstances that will impact their decisions. Please work with your line manager to agree an approach that works best for you.

What are the types of things that may warrant me coming into the office?

Given the changing government advice, we are encouraging everyone who can work from home to do so. Please only go to our offices for business critical reasons.

If you are in doubt, please speak to your line manager.

Can you explain more about the regular “team connection days”?

Given the changing government advice, we are postponing or making virtual all team connection days.

When I return to office, do I need to keep to my standard working hours?

No. We recognize there are still many factors impacting our daily decisions and responsibilities – such as schools staggering pick-up and drop-off times for children, or the desire to avoid peak time on public transport. Please do speak with your line manager about any adjustments you need to make, such as changing your arrival and departure times from the office.

Other companies have decided to work from home fully. What has informed Liberty Global’s decisions and approach?

Every company is unique, and you will find a wide range of approaches in place. Our decisions have been informed by you – through extensive focus groups, surveys and regular feedback these past months. Our approach is designed to achieve this, while keeping health and safety as our number one priority.

How do we ensure that the office environment is sanitized frequently if we are all hot desking?

The office will continue to be cleaned according to the revised and intensified cleaning schedule. At the same time, cleaning wipes will be made readily available for any additional cleaning.

Will we be doing temperature checks at our offices? If so, how will that work?

No. The government does not advise testing.

What procedures need to be followed when I arrive at the office?

In order to establish a safe and healthy working environment, it is important to follow hygiene protocol and to observe a safe distance of 1.5 meters from others.

Small bottles of hand sanitizer at the Reception desk are available for personal use and top-up hand sanitizer refill stations will be placed at all building entrances.

Please abide by the instruction indicated by stickers and signage located throughout our buildings and use common sense in areas where stickers or signage are not present.

Our Liberty Global colleagues at our shared VodafoneZiggo offices (Kabelweg and Helmond) are asked to be compliant with the hygiene measures and social distancing rules that are in place at these locations.

Please watch this short video depicting how social distancing will work at our Schiphol-Rijk Campus. We’ve also produced this handy Workplace Safety Guide, so you can find everything you need to know about working at the campus in a short easy-to-read document.

What arrangements have been made in the office to allow me to maintain social distancing?

Our Schiphol-Rijk offices and work spaces are prepared and have been adjusted so that people can maintain a safe distance of 1.5 meters between each other.

Signage and stickers have been placed throughout the buildings with regards to social distancing and desks that cannot be used have been marked. There is a maximum capacity for meeting rooms, elevators can only be used by a maximum of two people and staircases are one direction only. Plexiglass screens and cordons are being used in places such as the coffee bar and reception area.

The shared VodafoneZiggo offices (Kabelweg and Helmond) have similar measures in place.

Please watch this short video depicting how social distancing will work at our Schiphol-Rijk Campus.

How do I know if I’m a member of what’s classified as a vulnerable group or population?

Vulnerable people are defined by the government here.

I am in a vulnerable group and don’t feel comfortable going into the office. What should I do?

Please discuss this with your line manager. If you don’t feel comfortable discussing this with your line manager, please contact People Services.

My line manager is asking me about my personal medical conditions. Do I have to tell them?

No. Asking for medical information is not allowed due to privacy legislation. If you have concerns, please contact People Services.

What is the guidance for large meetings and events at a Liberty Global site?

No large meetings or events are allowed at any of our sites. That means any town halls, all-hands etc.. must remain virtual.

What is the guidance for large meetings and events hosted externally?

You are not allowed to attend any large meetings, events, conferences, etc… that are hosted externally.

What is the guidance for using meeting rooms and common areas such as stairways, elevators and hubs?

All meeting rooms and common areas will have guidance posted about the maximum number of people who can be in the room or area at any one time. The maximum number in any in-person meeting should be no more than 10 people, subject to social distancing constraints.

Elevators: Please keep to a maximum of two people per elevator. Orange and Blue building elevators are equipped with screens for separation purposes.

Stairways and routing: All buildings have two separate staircases (with the exception of the Orange building):

  • the staircase next to the elevators is one way up
  • the back staircase is one way down
  • the Orange building only has one central staircase, so please use the landings to pass people

Please use the staircases instead of elevators as much as possible, especially when descending. Please give priority to people going downstairs.

Will I need to wear a mask or facial covering in the office?

No, although you are free to do so if you feel more comfortable.

What should I do if I see someone not following social distancing guidelines?

Please politely remind them of the requirements. These guidelines are in place to protect everyone’s health and safety. If the issue continues, please contact one of the Health and Safety Officers by emailing them at:

How should I greet people, given our extra hygiene measures?

Social distancing is critical so it is vital to avoid shaking hands, greeting people with kisses or hugs, and to follow the additional hygiene measures in place.

Will the cafe/restaurant be open?

Yes, the main restaurant and coffee bar at the Blue Building will be open, offering a limited selection of beverages, snacks and meals.

Please note that opening hours are subject to change. The current opening times will be posted on signage in the atrium.

RestoRED (Red) and Neighbourhood (Turquoise) restaurants are closed until further notice.

Please note that the microwaves will not be available in the restaurant, due to crowding, so those bringing their own food should use the microwaves in the coffee hubs. Please show consideration to your colleagues and dispose of all leftovers and rubbish sensibly, as well as returning all restaurant trays to the restaurant.

Is the gym open?

No. The gym is closed for the duration of the lockdown measures.

The showers in the gym and in the Orange building third floor continue to be available. Please clean the showers with disinfectant spray after use and observe safe distancing in the gym and changing areas.

What are the procedures for packages and mail?

The post room will be open from 2pm to 4pm.

For collecting deliveries, you will be notified by email. Kindly wait at the entrance to the post room at the designated time. If you wish to send a package or use a courier, then please take the item directly to the post room during post room opening hours.

Standard mail can be picked up by the team assistants from the Service Centre behind reception.

The MyPUP personal package pick-up service will still be available, but please note this has moved to the ground floor of the Purple building.

What are the cleaning procedures for the office?

Additional cleaning throughout the day of commonly-touched surfaces such as elevator buttons, door handles, stairway handrails and coffee machines is in place. The cleaning staff will clean all common areas, including desks, keyboards and mice, daily.

Shared containers of disinfectant wipes will be available around the office, so you can wipe down your workspace frequently and there will be dispensers of hand sanitizer in common areas.

What other safety measures with respect to air conditioning and ventilation have been put in place?

It has not been established whether the COVID-19 virus is transmitted by air conditioning systems. Certified experts in this field (including the European Federation of Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning specialists, REHVA), plus our own maintenance parties, have issued recommendations to minimize any potential risk of spread. We have therefore taken many precautions in regards to our climate installations and ventilation systems, including raising ventilation speeds and capacity, as well as increasing hours of operation to maximize ventilation. It should be noted that our air handling units use only 100% outdoor air (so no re-circulation occurs).

It is also recommended that when and where possible (and desirable), ventilation is further increased by regular airing with the windows open. Do please bear in mind this could lead to subsequent draft and temperature complaints, especially during high summer temperatures, as the air conditioning system will not be able to function in the same way when windows are open.

Will IT, HR or Facilities be available in the office during this period?

The Digital Workplace team/IT Helpdesk will provide support by appointment only. Please raise issues via SRM or email the Helpdesk for assistance.

All printers can now be operated with the new security ID/badge. For details, please see the Toshiba Printers help page on Connect.

Facilities-related issues or requests can be reported to the Facilities Services Center via email:

People Services will not be available for face-to-face assistance, but any questions or requests should be emailed by clicking the email icon on My People Hub or sending an email to: