Great internet experiences can be truly amazing, but only when your connection is up to the job. That’s why we use a different type of cable to most other operators which, combined with fibre, makes our connections superfast and reliable.

Using DOCSIS® 3 technology, our cable’s thicker copper core combined with quality insulation allows us to deliver speeds anywhere from 200Mbps to a Gigabit per second. And we’re testing speeds that are even higher than that in some lucky homes.

It’s not just faster – it’s more predictable too, so you’re more likely to get the speeds our companies advertise. That’s because we’re responsible for the entire network to your home, so we can ensure the reliability of your connection from beginning to end. And unlike many of our rivals, our speeds don’t slow down as you get further away from the street cabinet – because we engineer our networks to deal with all the things that can slow things down, such as noise, signal-loss and congestion.

That means you get less buffering and you and all your friends and family can use more devices at the same time. Which means a more harmonious home.

Networks Compared

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