Liberty Global Business Services

IP Interconnection Portfolio

Liberty Global provides direct IP connectivity to its own customers (Peering) as well as global internet connectivity (Transit).

For those that do not find it convenient to enter into an IP interconnect relationship with Liberty Global, access to Liberty Global’s IP networks is also available via third party Internet Connectivity Providers.

Our own products are further described below.

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Liberty Global defines “Peering” as the interconnection of administratively separate internet networks for the purpose of exchanging traffic between the customers of each network.

Our Operations

Settled Peering

Settled Peering with Liberty Global is based on the idea that within certain traffic ratios the interconnect relationship is of value to both parties.

In order to be considered as a potential partner for Peering in Europe and/or the United States the technical and operational requirements set forth in the Liberty Global Settled Peering Policy must be fulfilled.

Settled Peering is aimed at those operating their own Autonomous System with traffic with Liberty Global’s network generally in the 1:3 range but with either Liberty Global or the other party sometimes sending more traffic. Where traffic is in-ratio the relationship is of value to both parties. When traffic is out of ratio the sending party pays for the excess.

As further described in the Liberty Global Settled Peering Policy, a settled peering partner must have a minimum peak volume of 7 Gbps, and be able to interconnect using 10 or 100 gigabit Ethernet.

Paid Peering

Liberty Global’s Paid Peering offers anyone that prefers a direct connection with access to our network.

Our Paid Peering product is the perfect solution for parties that want to peer with Liberty Global but don’t find settled peering attractive for highly unbalanced traffic.

A minimum peak volume of at least 0.5 Gb/s using 10 or 100 gigabit Ethernet ports is recommended.


Liberty Global owns a global IP network with a strong focus on Europe as its main market. With more direct interconnect relationships to major Internet Connectivity Providers Liberty Global offers full global connectivity to all worldwide domains based on our highly reliable global IP network.

Our IP Transit solutions offer small to medium volume services in locations throughout Liberty Global’s footprint with competitive pricing and lead times on capacities of typically up to 10 Gbps.