Corporate Responsibility - Environmental Impact

Connectivity is essential for today’s economies, communities and people’s everyday lives. This creates an important responsibility to make sure that digital technology works in everyone’s best interests. It’s our responsibility to continue to invest in our network, deliver outstanding service and protect our customers’ privacy. And to ensure that as the bandwidth we provide grows, our impact on the planet won’t.

As the world’s largest international TV and broadband company and with an ambitious growth plan for the future, we will demonstrate to all of our customers and stakeholders that we operate responsibly and sustainably.

To deliver outstanding connectivity while running our business responsibly and sustainably, we focus on three main areas:

Trusted Products

  • Protecting our customers’ personal data, helping keep children safe online and making the digital world more accessible. For example, producing toolkits on internet safety used by schools, parents and children around the world, and protecting our customers’ from malware through our partnership with the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit.

Sustainable Growth

  • Working to ensure that as our business grows, our environmental impact does not. For example, through our commitments as a member of the Energy 2020 plan to reduce the sector’s energy consumption and grid dependency, and through our the launch of our new eco-friendly packaging that has helped us improve resource efficiency and cut waste across our companies.

Empowering People

  • Developing the talents of our people, investing in an inclusive and diverse workforce, and inspiring them to make a difference in the communities where we operate. For example, through the global roll out of our employee engagement survey Zoom.