Our Performance

Our Environmental Performance

We are working to ensure that as our business grows, our environmental impact does not. Our biggest source of carbon emissions is the energy that powers our networks, making up 90% of our total consumption. Therefore, we are focused on deploying the most efficient solutions that drive down energy use, from our data centers to our customers. At the same time, we are adding solar capabilities across our markets and procuring renewable energy in order to reduce our carbon emissions.

Environmental Targets

We are on track to achieve both of our key corporate goals – to improve energy efficiency by 15% every year through 2020 and to be five times more carbon efficient by the end of this decade, using our 2012 emissions as our base year. We are achieving these goals by optimizing new technologies in our network, investing in new technologies in our facilities and by procuring renewable energy.

In order to provide meaningful targets, we measure our energy consumption and GHG emissions in terabytes (TB) of data transported through our networks.

In 2015, we decreased our market-based carbon emissions by 10% and location-based emissions by 1%. For the second year, KPMG assured our Scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon emissions and energy consumption. Click here to see their assurance statement, including a summary of the work they performed.

Energy Use and Efficiency

The scope of our electricity consumption data for 2015 covers Liberty Global's worldwide operations. This includes our offices, data centers, fiber networks and third-party Hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) networks (combining optical fiber and coaxial cable), as well as DSL (digital subscriber line) and wireless networks not directly owned by Liberty Global but used to deliver our services. These are shown below.

What We Include In Our Electricity Consumption Data

What we include in our electricity consumption data

Our Community Investments

We measure our community investment programs using the London Benchmarking Group methodology, which records investments of cash, time, in-kind and management resources.

We continued to focus our community investments on our key strategic issues. In 2015, we invested over $2.6 million in strategic initiatives, which supported Protecting Children online and Digital Inclusion.

Community Investment