Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Our Code of Business Conduct reflects our behavior. We obey both the letter and the spirit of the law. We are trustworthy and fair in our dealings with our investors, our customers, our suppliers and others with whom we conduct business. We value and respect our fellow employees.

Q: What is the Code of Business Conduct?

A: We are committed to conducting our business with honesty and integrity, in accordance with high ethical and legal standards, and with respect for each other and for those with whom we conduct business. The Code of Business Conduct (the Code) is our guide to appropriate conduct in the workplace and a resource we can access to better understand the principles, values, standards and rules of behavior expected of us. The Code does not remove the need for us all to exercise good judgment – it makes it easier for us to do so.

Q: To whom do the rules and policies in the Code of Business Conduct apply?

A: The Code applies to all of us, including every director, officer and employee of each company within the Liberty Global Group. Company contract staff must also follow the Code. Contractors, consultants, agents and vendors will be required to comply with the Code in their business activities with or on behalf of our Company.

In the Code, when we refer to the Liberty Global Group, we are referring to Liberty Global plc and each company it directly or indirectly controls; and when we refer to our Company, we mean each and every company, business unit or division within the Liberty Global Group.

Q: What is included in the Code of Business Conduct?

A: The Code summarizes various legal and policy requirements and business practices applicable to business activities conducted on behalf of our Company. The Code does not address every legal requirement or ethical question that may arise, nor does it replace other more detailed Company policies, including, for example, those set forth in your Employee Handbook or on your local intranet. You are responsible for understanding and complying with the laws and policies relevant to your role in the Company.

Q: What if I have questions about the Code of Business Conduct?

A: If you want guidance regarding a particular practice or compliance issue, there are several sources of information or advice, depending on the subject concerned. In addition to any specific reference within the Code itself, you may always contact your Compliance Officer, your Legal Department, or any of the following from the Liberty Global Group: Chief Audit & Compliance Officer, General Counsel, Deputy General Counsel, or member of the Legal Department.

Q: How do I report known or suspected violations of the Code of Business Conduct?

A: The Code of Business Conduct contains specific procedures for reporting violations or suspected violations of the Code. These reporting procedures are described in the section of the Code entitled Reporting Code of Business Conduct Violations.

Q: Could reporting a known or suspected violation of the Code of Business Conduct affect my job?

A: We will not tolerate retaliation of any kind directed against anyone who in good faith reports a violation of the Code or properly raises a legal or ethical concern. At the same time, anyone who files a report with the intention of spreading falsehoods or for the purpose of harming another person's reputation will be subject to disciplinary action.

Q: What could happen to individuals who violate the Code of Business Conduct?

A: Violations of the Code, including violations of applicable laws, may subject our Company and the individuals concerned to severe consequences. A failure to follow the Code that involves a criminal act could result in prosecution after referral to the appropriate authorities. Violations of the Code may also result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment.